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About TNT First Aid

TNT First-Aid is the best product and training company for all of your needs.

TNT First-Aid has awesome first-aid products as well as several types of first-aid training available. You will be trained by professionals that work in the field of EMS and emergency care. We are also the company that released the first ever video based first aid app for your phone. The app content is downloaded to your phone or other device and will walk you through all types of medical emergencies from nose bleeds to fractures or punctured lungs. The fact that the content downloads to your phone and uses less then 30 MB of storage makes it quick and easy to use even if you do not have cell phone service. First aid books cost 10 times the amount the app costs and will not give you that real looking injury to treat as you follow along. The app is called Virtual Medic and is available for iOS and Android products. We also now have Virtual Medic ASL with all of the videos in sign language with subtitles. Download it today, it may help you save the life of someone you love.

What we offer

  • First-Aid Product Sales
  • CPR/First Aid Training American Heart Association
  • OSHA Written documents and preparation
  • OSHA Safety Inspections/ OSHA training courses
  • Safety Products
  • Amazing Customer Service
  • Emergency Planning for homes and businesses
  • 16 hour disaster medicine training course
  • Active shooter training course
  • Mass Casualty disaster drills
  • How We Work
  • Order online or call for special pricing and discounts
  • We offer military members and government agencies discounts

I came across TNT First-Aid as I was shopping for trauma and first aid supplies.  I gave Jeff a call and he spent time with me answering all my questions about First-Aid and the proper supplies I should be keeping in my kit.  I told him I was in search of a quality backpack to hold all my medical supplies and he shared the details of a new backpack he was developing that sounded exactly what I was looking for.  I received my backpack today and I’m thrilled with the quality and space this backpack has to offer.  This backpack is perfect for anyone that is serious about storing their medical supplies.  It has easy access and clear pockets to view everything you need.  Jeff really thought this through and I highly recommend this backpack.  I’ve bought several different bags over the past years and this is by far my favorite.  I don’t believe I’ll ever need another backpack/bag again.  Thank you Jeff for your sincere advice and consultative approach.  TNT First-Aid is my go to source for all my First-Aid supplies.

Adam HerrmanOptimum