Fireade 2000 16 oz.

Fireade 2000 16 oz.

16 Oz liquid Fire Extinguisher.  Used by most motorsports organizations. Non Toxic, Non Corrosive, No Mess. Good for A,B, D, K fires.


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This is a liquid fire extinguisher with massive cooling properties.  The 3 ways to eliminate a fire are by removing fuel, oxygen, or heat.  This product quickly cools the fire removing the heat, thus extinguishing the fire.  This product is used in motorsports because it will not harm a driver trapped in a race car or harm the expensive components in a race cars engine.  In your home or personal vehicle you don’t want to harm items in your home such as a stove or destroy your car with messy powders.  This is an amazing extinguisher for class A and B fires.  Also works great on class D and K fires.  Do not use on C fires (live electrical fires).  Does not need to be charged or serviced yearly like your bulky dry chem extinguishers.


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