Instant Ice Wrap

Instant Ice Wrap.  Revolutionary wrap to treat sprains, strains, inflammation, bruises, hematomas, and closed fractures.  Quickly removes pain and provides compression.  Reusable just with water.  It is a game changer.


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Instant Ice Wrap is a revolutionary product designed to give a user compression as well as decrease swelling and bruising much quicker then using an ice pack.  It is an 11′ long wrap that is treated to cool a sprain/strain or Hematoma (bruise).  With this wrap you will see results in as little as one day to the amount of swelling present at the site of the injury.  No messy ice packs, icing 20 min on 20 min off.  This wrap does it all for you and it is reusable.  Just follow the instructions on the resealable pouch for how to reactivate it.  You can get 3-4 uses out of one wrap.  For a small sprain or strain you can cut it down to size and only use the amount needed to draw the swelling out of the affected area.  This will change your life if you play sports, work out, or just plain clumsy.  Put our Arnica oil under the wrap (not included) for even better results.  Arnica helps break up bruising and swelling 5 times faster than the body can on its own.


Instant Ice Wrap combines cooling and compression ALL IN ONE!

Supports injured body parts while providing 360 degree customized compression and cold therapy during recovery for return to activity.


When an injury is wrapped, obtain cooling for up to 2 hours. Helps to control swelling for longer periods of time than ice. Requires no refrigeration. Provides immediate compression and cooling by wrapping the injured area for help with pain relief in minutes. Use for knees, wrists, ankles, and elbows associated with muscle injuries.


Instant Ice Wrap is a well-accepted treatment that reduces swelling from an acute injury, provides pain relief for muscle fatigue and is an excellent anti-inflammation wrap. Same as icing without the pain, risks or mess. The biggest advantage is that you can wrap yourself and continue to go about your day, or stay on the playing field– something you cannot do with an ice bag.


Instant Ice Wrap is a convenient, ready-to-use cool treatment for injuries. Eliminates the need for an ice bag and cooler!

Recommended by doctors, physical therapists and pharmacists


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