Quick Clot Sport 25g.

Quick Clot Sport 25g.

Quick Clot Sport 25g.

Packaged with the reality of use in mind. This package contains one clotting sponge.

This product is designed to be super portable and get the job done out in the field.

With ease of use in mind, the sponge is 3.5 in x 3.5 in so you don’t need to worry about having to use scissors during application and is in a mesh bag to keep the clotting pellets out of the wound.

Military grade quality for personal use.


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Quick Clot Sport is a military product that uses kaolin pellets contained in a small tea bag to be packed into an arterial type wound to stop the bleeding fast. This product is used by most branches of the military and is now available for use in the home. This new version of quick clot does not heat up the injury. It works with the body to create factor 7 for a quicker clot and less blood loss. A must-have in any trauma pack.



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